5 Tips for Healthier Shopping

Lets face it,shopping is not usually the highlight one’s day. There is always something else that we want to spend our money on and why even go grocery shopping if Hungry Buffs can deliver food straight to your door. Here are some easy tips to avoid unhealthy habits and to shop for healthy and cheap meals.

Step 1: Don’t shop while hungry

“Going to the grocery store while on an empty stomach is the surest way to derail an otherwise healthy grocery shopping trip.”(Bistro M.D.)  I understand this is Colorado and there are plenty of reasons why you would be shopping in the junk food section, but you must fight the temptations.  A good way to avoid this problem is to prepare a snack before hand and come prepared with a grocery list.

Step 2: Stick to the list

You don’t have to rely on your gut if you can rely on your shopping list.  Plan out your meals a few days in advance and make sure to stock up on plenty of vitamins, proteins, fibers, and carbs.  It takes time to master your cooking portion sizes so start small and let your list grow.  A good way to stick to your list is to follow step 3.


Step 3: Shop the Perimeter

The edges of most stores contain the freshest and most nutrient rich food such as your fruits, veggies, and proteins. Not only is this method a faster way to shop, it can prevent you from purchasing unnecessary processed foods and in the end save you money. Another way to help prevent unnecessary purchases is to hit the produce isle first.  Fruits and vegetables always take up a decent amount of space as well as cash so stock up on the nutrient rich food then work your way around the store.


Step 4: Don’t Believe Every Label

“Just because something is labelled “gluten-free,” “organic” or “natural” does not mean it’s nutritious or good value. Actually, things that come in packages are often not worth eating anyway.” (Alternative Daily)  Even when shopping the edges of the store we still run into some of these labels that in fact do not provide sufficient or even absorbable nutrients for the body.  Not every label is luring you or necessarily lying so do you homework and read the packaging.


Step 5: Don’t Throw Your Food Away Just Yet

If you think that your fruit or other produce is going bad don’t just throw it away, you simply put it in your freezer and eat it later or use it for compost.  Not only will you be saving cash and not have to go to the store as often, you will be helping out local landfills and helping prevent greenhouse gas emissions.









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2 responses to “5 Tips for Healthier Shopping

  1. amyquandt

    Do you think unhealthy shopping is a big problem in the United States? Why?


  2. peterpatrakis

    I think it is! grocery stores marketing strategies make it difficult to maintain a healthy diet as well as promotes a huge disconnect from the farm to table process.


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