Are GMOs Right For Africa?


Africa has a food problem, with roughly 204 million hungry people in Sub-Saharan Africa alone. Whether it be due to poverty, government policy,climate change, or other factors, undernourishment is a prevalent problem -and it’s solution might be in genetically modified food, or GMOs.

GMOs have been embroiled in controversy ever since their inception, with be promises of bigger yields overshadowed by perceived, and actual, health detriments. But with so many studies of varying credibility being conducted on these crops, and so many conflicting conclusions, it’s hard to tell whether they’re better or worse nutritionally for you. For instance, some European countries have outright banned GMO crops.

Nutrition and safety aside, the largest barrier to making these crops mainstream may just be African governments, which seem to be wary to use them:

Many policymakers and organizations in Africa thus see GM technology as something that should be avoided. In part, this can be attributed to a lack of awareness and education on the application of modern biotechnology. – (Bain, et al., 2013)

So what do you think, should African countries make the push for GMO crops, or should they hold off until we know more about them?

Bain LE, Awah PK, Geraldine N, et al. Malnutrition in Sub – Saharan Africa: burden, causes and prospects. The Pan African Medical Journal. 2013;15:120. doi:10.11604/pamj.2013.15.120.2535.



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2 responses to “Are GMOs Right For Africa?

  1. amyquandt

    Are GMOs currently being used in any African countries? What impact has this had on yield and food security?


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