Red Tide and Food System

Have you ever seen red tide or water bloom pictures from television or internet? All of ocean is covered by red or green plankton. During the summer time, red tide or water bloom is very common phenomenon in ocean. Red tide can damage marine ecosystem and also effect to seafood food system.


Red tide or water bloom threats fish farms and marine ecosystem. Then how these phenomena happen?


The Causes of Red Tide

Red tide or water bloom is a type of eutrophication. The main cause of eutrophication is the increase of planktons. The other reason is during the summer time, a temperature of ocean increases and the velocity of ocean flow decreases. These types of ocean can make good environment for planktons, so planktons can grow faster and greater.

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Damage of Red Tide

What kinds of damages are caused by red tide? Red tide can bring extreme damages to fish farm. Fish farm is vulnerable to red tide because fish farm is closed; therefore, the flow of water cannot circulate well. Every summer, several thousands of fish die because of red tide. It is lots of loss in fishery industry. Red tide and water bloom are one of the most serious reason of economic loss in fisher industry. It is not only threatening people in fishery industry but also threatening us. While red tide and water bloom is caused, the water becomes toxic. If people consume seafood from polluted water, then it can cause illness to people. It is threatening our food system.


What to do?

The good solution for red tide is an installation of wastewater disposal before it flows into river or sea. Wastewater can cause sewage near riverside; therefore, installing wastewater disposal is good solution. Wastewater disposal has the effect of two birds with one stone because it is not only good for environment but also beneficial for fish industry.






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2 responses to “Red Tide and Food System

  1. amyquandt

    What specific types of wastewater disposal exist to help reduce polluted water from reaching the ocean? Are these technologically economically feasible?


    • jeongyeonlee

      The best way to control the red tide is installing filter every factory’s sewer system. However, the installation cost is expensive and the effect of it is still unclear. Currently, some scientists are experimenting using certain virus to reduce proliferation of plankton and it might be available in the future. Actually, in Korea, fishermen spray red clay on the surface of the red tide. Because, red clay has good absorptive power, so it can absorb plankton and sink into the bottom of ocean. Since the cost of red clay is inexpensive, it is wide spread medication for red tide.


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