Climate Change Affecting Coffee Supplies

As global temperatures become increasingly higher, many farmers are noticing a severe impact on their crops. Coffee growers have seen, and predict, a severe impact on their coffee output within the next 25 to 50 years. This phenomenon, along with increasing demand for coffee across the planet, causes researchers to predict an intense coffee shortage in the future.


Coffee Beans, courtesy of

The actual science behind the impending coffee shortage essentially explains itself. Increasing global temperatures due to global warming causes some farmers to halt coffee production, or move their coffee farms higher into mountains to find colder land habitable for the crop.However, farmers only have so many places to go, and will eventually run out of adequate space to grow coffee crops for current global demand. Along with temperatures rising to the point of being inhabitable to coffee, droughts arising within South America has made it increasingly harder to sustainably grown coffee.


Coffee Farmer from Guaxupe, Brazil. Courtesy of

The numbers behind the impending coffee shortage are staggering. ABC news goes as far to say that coffee production will be halved by 2050. Business Insider reports that wild coffee could be extinct by 2080. For example, due to higher environmental stresses, Brazil is having a hard time increasing their coffee production to current demands as seen in the chart below. Brazil’s troubles can be seen all across the globe, with countries having widespread problems keeping their coffee production numbers intact. With the world consuming 2.25 billion cups of coffee per day, consumption isn’t halting anytime soon.


Chart of Brazil’s Coffee Output, courtesy of

People will either need to change their habits to halt global warming, or find a sustainable substitute for their coffee intake. Either way, the fact of the matter is that global temperature increases are beginning to extremely affect coffee production, and will continue to impact other crops as well.



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2 responses to “Climate Change Affecting Coffee Supplies

  1. amyquandt

    I had never heard of this issue, interesting! However, with increased temperatures, is it not true that coffee could now be grown in places that were once too cold for coffee? Do you think this would offset the loss of coffee in places that are becoming too hot?


  2. NiccoloDeluca

    Yes, you are entirely correct! With increased temperatures, coffee could be grown in places that were otherwise too cold before. However, even if this does offset the loss of coffee in places that are now too warm, it creates more instances of deforesting in order to create agricultural plots.


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